Being an environmentally responsible company

Blend Creations is more than a business for us it's a creative outlet and it's an outlet from which we believe we can do good things. That's one of the reasons we've committed to donating a minimum of 1% of our gross revenue to environmental organizations. Our donation goes to support our local water supply through Ottawa Riverkeeper, as well as the Canadian Organic Growers, Sierra Club of Canada and Tree Canada.

Along with this commitment, we're personally committed to reducing the waste that we produce as a business by re-using scrap materials whenever possible, or even buying scraps from other industries to use as our jewelry inlays. We also use unusual materials (like bamboo or paper) in our jewelry because they are renewable material sources. As well, one of the main reasons we started in doing stainless steel jewelry is because it is a highly recycled and recyclable material.

UNICEF and giving back to the world's children

In the fall of 2008, we started Metal for Monsters as a way to raise money for the international children's charity, UNICEF. We were compelled to do this line of fun and quirky monster pendants because as parents, we wanted to make sure that children around the world could have the same opportunities that our own son will have. We teamed up with 9 different artists who provided some really amazing monster illustrations, and we made a "Make Your Own" version that artists (young and old) can use to create their own custom pendants.

For each Metal for Monsters pendant we sell, we donate $16 to UNICEF. We're hoping to raise at least $10,000 for UNICEF through this special product line, and hopefully give more kids a chance to be the best little monsters they can be.

Giving back to our local community

We regularly support Ottawa-area non-profit and charitable organizations by offering products as silent-auction items and door-prizes. If you are an Ottawa-area organization that is looking for sponsorship, please feel free to contact us.